New cultural environment,

creative studio – Five Corners,

in the exhibition hall – exhibition of modern artists,

works and educational art studio (Entrance from Lech Kaczynski Street).


The author of the program and the head of the studio – Tamila Mont.

architect, designer and artist.


The name of our company “Studio “Five Corners”” is symbolic, the fifth angle completely changes any space conception; The fifth corners gives the fifth wall the new structure.

Like canvas, it is waiting for its time and is ready for writing the new history. An architect creates new space for life, builds a strong structure, an artist depicts moments and beauty, a designer gives an architects ideas the unique look and finds the best place for an artists works. Everything is organically blended with each other and cant exist separately. The main idea of the project is creating new environment, building the fifth wall, designing a new bridge uniting different arts and creative people for restoring relationship the “golden fleece” which will defend any changes. Only genuine art and genuine creative people can do that.

Creativity will save the world and help to its balancing. Our main goal – call art and beauty lovers for support. Beginners, young artists, architects, designers, authors of new ideas can take part in this program. Some works are patiently waiting for its recognition. They will find their admires an buyers. The authors will get the chance of further growth and development.

“We must help gifted people” – this has always been our strict reality.

One of the first tasks is opening an art school for gifted children in Georgia, where some of them can study for free or get some benefits. The main course of our program is: organizing exhibitions periodically in the “Five 5 Corners” gallery, buying and selling art works, developing Georgian culture, presentation of authors and their works in the exhibition hall, popularization, cultural exchange of art works in different countries, exhibition of invited Georgian artists, organizing personal exhibition and popularization, buying and selling art works of Georgian and foreign artists, creation of an educational art center for pupils and applicants, inviting famous artists to the educational art center for Masterclasses (for pupils and applicants).