About Company

Architectural-constructing firm ''studio 5 corners''


Architectural-constructing firm ''Studio 5 Corners'' is implementing conceptual design , preparation of working documents, interior design and full service including design work till full construction:


  • Private cottages, residential complexes, urban-type settlements (including development of infastructure); .Sanatoriums and resorts;
  • Offices and administrative buildings;
  • Interior design of apartments and dwelling houses;
  • Repair of apartments and installation of engineering communications;
  • Firnishing administrative and commercial areas of any difficulty;
  • Obtaining permission for design and construction;
  • Selecting providers of equipment and materials, furniture and illumination;

     We are striving to create an exquisite, unique style and an atmosphere of comfort for our customers. We are always ready to realise the most interesting and progressive tendencies of Architecture. Creating 3D- visualization and animation video enables you demonstrate the best parts of your project and make it full of life.

     Highly qualified staff of our company will carry out all types of construction work, interior decoration of houses, apartments or public premises, construction territory, including utilities. Technical and architectural supervision on site is carried out throughout the entire period of construction work.

     We offer a wide range of high-quality custom-made furniture at the best, reasonable prices. Having carefully considered all your desires, we will help you choose the best option and provide maximum comfort.


  You can truly appreciate our service visiting our studio where you can get aquainted with our architectural - design projects and creative works - We are waiting for you!